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The successful indie metroidvania Hollow Knight immediately wowed fans of the genre through its richly detailed world, exhilarating combat, and captivating atmosphere and lore. Directly inspired by titles like Dark souls, Hollow Knight takes place in a slowly dying world and features a protagonist whose goals are as obscure as the true nature of the setting.

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Indeed, part of the fun of Hollow Knight sifts through the remnants of a dying setting, trying to piece together the events that led up to the game’s current state of affairs. As such, those who have yet to complete the game should beware of spoilers at come, because the sense of discovery is one of the Hollow Knightthe big selling points.

ten Who are the higher beings?

The Pale Lady, one of the Higher Beings of the set.

In Hollow KnightIn tradition, higher beings are related to gods, but the nature of these beings and their powers vary from individual to individual. Many of the key players in the founding of Hallownest and the issues it faces (The Pale King, The White Lady and Radiance, for example) are superior beings who were revered for their power and influence on the history of the world.

Generally speaking, a superior being is a creature whose powers far exceed those of normal insects. They often have the power to create life, to see the future, and to extend or influence the cognition of lower beings. This is not to say that they are above making mistakes, as it was the mistakes of the gods themselves that triggered the events of the game.

9 What is Hallownest?

The knight discovers the city of tears.

The Kingdom of Hallownest is the domain of the Pale King and the setting in which Hollow Knight takes place. Inhabited by insects and beasts, many of which received the sentience of their god-king, Hallownest is the largest and most industrially advanced civilization discussed in gaming lore.

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Hallownest has either integrated, annexed or made agreements with the various tribes and cultures that inhabited its territory before its creation. The Mantis Tribe, Mushroom Clan, and Hive Bees all had to either integrate into the new kingdom or make their own separate arrangements with the new political authority. After a while, however, Hallownest began to collapse thanks to the mysterious infection plaguing its inhabitants.

8 Who is the pale king?

The Pale King poses with his son.

The Pale King is the ruler and ancestor of Hallownest, the superior being who gave life and spirit to the once inert insects that would become his subjects. However, he did not always take a form familiar to the insects of his kingdom. In fact, the King was once a Wyrm – a very tall, ancient being who predates the founding of Hallownest by an unknown number of years.

Although the King is worshiped by the insects of Hallownest, his status as a god and ruler angered the powers that came before him, namely the ancient god of the Moth tribe – the Radiance. Forgetting the Radiance would prove to be the fatal mistake of the king and the bugs in his kingdom.

7 Who is the sparkle?

The Knight confronts Radiance.

The myriad of tribes that would be incorporated into Hallownest when it was formed by the Pale King did not always go smoothly, with the most notable example of this trend being the Moth Tribe and their goddess, the Radiance. An ethereal superior being of light and mysterious power, the Radiance created the Moth tribe in exchange for their reverence. However, its dominance was lost after the creation of Hallownest, which led its former subjects to worship the Pale King instead.

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The Radiance has never been truly forgotten, and the remnants of its powers are the source of the infection that plagues the land the knight must seal.

6 What is the infection?

An example of the infection that is spreading through Hallownest.

The infection is the destructive contagion that brought Hallownest to its knees before the events of Hollow Knight. Radiance, the ancient god of the earth, refused to be forgotten and began to manifest through the dreams of the insects of the realm, twisting them mentally and physically in the process.

Identifiable by its distinctive orange glow, the insects of Hallownest desperately tried to prevent the infection from consuming the kingdom, but to no avail. It spread unchecked across the land, reducing the kingdom to an envelope of its former glory. It is the task of the knight, one of the king’s ships, to reverse the contagion and save the kingdom.

5 What is the void?

The brothers and sisters of the knight born from the void.

Void is an ancient substance found deep in the Abyss. He is, as far as we know, much older than even the Higher Beings who helped found Hallownest. Its mysterious power is perhaps best defined as opposed to the Light which is embodied by Radiance, making it an essential part in building ships designed to challenge this old foe.

The Void was also the object of worship for a civilization older than any described in the lore of the game; Large corpses of ancient insects found in the Abyss and other similar areas suggest that this society was structured around the Void itself, but very little else is known about them.

4 Who is Hornet?

Hornet striking an action pose.

Hornet is the product of the complicated relationship between Hallownest, its king, and the Spider Tribe who refused to cede their independence to the New Kingdom. Although the tribe fiercely resisted integration into the wider fold of Hallownest, the Pale King needed their help once the infection began to spread.

The queen of the Herrah tribe made a pact with the Pale King as such. In return for becoming a Dreamer to seal the infection, Herrah was to be granted a child born from a secret union between her and the king. This child was Hornet, making her a sort of sister to the knight and their siblings.

3 What is a ship?

The knight faces the shattered ship.

Ships were the Pale King’s solution to the Infection. Created by the Pale King and his mate, and imbued with the essence of the Void in opposition to Radiance, the Vessels are believed to be empty beings uncorrupted by will, spirit or voice, a characteristic that will allow them to ‘absorb the Infection into them. and seal the Radiance forever.

Unfortunately, most of the ships weren’t perfectly empty, or “pure,” which led the Pale King to dismiss most of them as failures. In the end, one of them was deemed pure and chosen for the task of permanently removing the infection, this individual being the iconic mascot of the game Hollow Knight.

2 Who is the Hollow Knight?

The Hollow Knight takes his boss fight stance.

A sort of elder brother to the player’s knight, the Hollow Knight is a vessel born from the Abyss and merged with the Void, designed by the Pale King for the express purpose of sealing the Infection. The plan was flawed, however, because although the Hollow Knight was meant to be a pure vessel devoid of spirit and soul, something changed them before they were sealed.

These are the events that set in motion the knight’s difficult quest. With the Hollow Knight corrupted and the Seal failing, the infection collapsed in the once great kingdom of Hallownest. Will the knight succeed where his older cousin failed, or will they just repeat the same mistakes for the sake of a long forgotten king?

1 Who is the knight?

Work of the knight errant.

The Knight is the successor to the Hollow Knight, another vessel born from the void, supposedly devoid of essence, tasked with carrying out the final will of a dead king. After wandering the deserts outside of Hallownest for an unknown amount of time, the Knight is summoned to the Old Kingdom to perform his sworn duty, thus setting the events of the game in motion.

It is not clear, however, whether the Knight can succeed where his predecessor failed. The Hollow Knight was not a pure vessel, an oversight that led to the fall of Hallownest. Through the multiple endings of the game, the knight can achieve the purpose for which he was created or challenge the higher beings who created the state of affairs in the game in the first place.

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