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ASPA Partner Focus # 5 – Announcement of the latest operators of equity pools in partnership with Ardana | by Ardana | October 2021


After completing our token sale registration last week, we are now ready to welcome the next ASPA members to Ardana! We sat down and interviewed each stake group to learn about their mission and goals, who they are as a team, and to find out what inspires them about Cardano and Ardana.

The Malluiin Pool was launched in June 2021. The mission of this pool is to provide free, uncensored and unlimited Internet access for educational and medical purposes to the hill tribes of West Papua, Indonesia, and to power that connection with renewable hydropower.

The bottomDer is a production engineer by training with robotics background and an interest in AI. She is very well connected in the Cardano community. She believes the Cardano community is the most welcoming, progressive, and useful online community in the crypto space. The founder said, “They review every project critically and then fully support projects that pass the test. “

Maluiin Pool is very excited to join ASPA, saying: “After reading your white paper and hearing Ryan Matovu speak at the Perth Cardano summit, I knew it would be a great project. Not only a success, but an excellent one.

@BreakingADA @BreakPoolTH

The mission is to support the growth of the Cardano community in Thailand. Unlike in English speaking countries, there is much less content on Cardano in Thailand, and the information presented is often very price oriented. The team hopes the pool, social media channels, and group chat can help Thais better understand Cardano’s mission and vision for the future (apart from short-term price speculation). The participation pool has been operational since March 2021.

The pool believes in Cardano because it is committed to doing things right, not in a rush. They also believe that the combination of eUTx, smart contracts and a decentralized participation pool is a work of art and that the ambition and long-term vision of the project never ceases to amaze.

Break is excited about Ardana as they introduce a decentralized stablecoin that is close to their hearts as it is important to remove the power from the centralized issuing authorities. Together with the quality team, they see Ardana being able to successfully develop and implement USD, as well as a number of DeFi features – what not to like!

The pool has been in operation since July 2020. MNKY is a dual mission pool. First, the pool seeks to support the decentralization of Cardano by drawing on over 18 years of technical experience to manage a strong participation pool, and second, it aims to support animal conservation efforts by raising funds.

They believe Cardano has the potential to change the world, especially in developing countries where most people lack access to banking services or economic identity. Plus, Cardano has a team of world-class scientific minds working to make this a reality.

As for Ardana, MNKY is excited about the possibility of having a high quality and fully decentralized DEX stablecoin liquidity pool native to the Cardano blockchain.

The mission of this stake pool is to support cancer research and help find a cure. The founder started launching the pool in February 2021, when Cardano staking was announced. Technically, they were up and running fairly quickly, but marketing was a new experience.

COINZ said Cardano appears to be the legitimate option to replace the global financial system. The other blockchains in this space are mostly just hype and copies.

COINZ believes Cardano was a new take on the part of someone who had already started a big project, Ethereum, and could see things as they could be. Additionally, the mission to connect others and work with Africa seems like a great way to foster adoption.

COINZ is excited about Ardana and said there has been a lot of thinking about this project. “It looks like a great team, and it’s not a regular DEX but one for stablecoins. It also looks like there will be some earning potential.

Fungi Pool donates monthly to support research initiatives and organizations that harness the power of mushrooms to heal humanity and the earth in general. Fungi Pool was founded at the end of May 2021. The founder joined the Cardano community in early 2019 and was very excited to create Fungi Pool as a way to earn ADA while strengthening the network and giving back to the community.

Ever since the founder first saw Charles’ whiteboard video, he has been a big supporter of Project Cardano: “He developed the most democratic and sustainable solution to the crypto trilemma. I believe Cardano can disrupt our current corrupt old financial institutions and set the trend for a new egalitarian global financial system. “

Fungi Pool thinks Ardana is exciting because it offers what Cardano needs – a great DeFi platform and a reliable stablecoin. Secured loans and yield farming will create many new opportunities for people around the world.

Thanks for reading the fifth article in the ASPA Partner Focus series! Any interested stake pools interested in joining Ardana Stake Pool Alliance (ASPA) click this link to access our app, and you may be featured on our website and in a future ASPA Partner Focus article. At Ardana, we understand that for DeFi on Cardano to flourish, stake pools must be engaged from inception to adoption.

Ardana is Cardano’s stable hub that will bring the DeFi primitives necessary to seed and maintain any economy in Cardano. Ardana offers a chain asset backed stablecoin and a decentralized stable asset DEX. The stablecoin is verifiably secured by a chain excess collateral and will allow borrowers to leverage their ADA or other supported assets. DEX is a very capital efficient exchange allowing swaps with minimal slippage and fees while providing low risk return opportunities for liquidity providers.

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