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COP26 event will see indigenous rights leaders discuss preservation


For COY16 (the 16th YOUNGO Youth Conference) and COP26 (the 26th UN Conference of the Parties) in Glasgow, the Jiboiana Association will support a delegation of five indigenous leaders from five different tribes to travel from the heart of the Amazonia to speak to the world leaders and – above all – to thousands of people in Europe about the tragic situation of the Amazon and its guardians.

The free event, held at the MBN Solutions office (112 West George Street, Glasgow, G2 1PS) will see five delegates discuss the role of indigenous peoples in the conservation of the Amazon rainforest and lead a sacred prayer ceremony with young and older natives. leaders of the Amazon rainforest.

The delegates

Valdelice Veron
A representative and fighter of the Guarani-Kaiowa people, well known and respected in Brazil.

Mapu Huni Kuin
A young indigenous leader and activist, who has traveled the world several times to perform ceremonies, talks about indigenous cultures and the preservation of the Amazon.

Benki Piyako Ashaninka
Ashaninka has long been involved in helping indigenous peoples (he was pictured on the cover of Forbes with the headline: “Bridging Ancient Wisdom in Modern Society”).

Alice pataxo
Young activist and journalist from the Pataxó people, fighting for the rights and status of women, territories and indigenous education.

Nina Gualinga
A young indigenous leader from Ecuador, known around the world for her struggle for indigenous rights and the protection of women, linked to the preservation of the environment (eco-feminism).


Additionally, the conference will feature a sacred prayer ceremony with young and older indigenous leaders from the Amazon rainforest.

A side event with sustainable development NGO Raleigh International will also take place on 6e November. The four-hour event, held outside of Glasgow, will feature discussions, prayers, songs and end with a Jiboia dance.

In a statement, the president of the Jiboiana Association, Leo Landon, said: “Iindigenous peoples represent only 5% of the world’s population, but preserve 80% of the planet’s biodiversity; these dizzying and striking figures give us a new perspective on what our relationship to Nature can be. The Jiboiana Association works with indigenous peoples to honor and support these guardians who protect it for all of us – humans, animals and plants.

Registration for the event can be done here.

Photo credit: Floresta TV – Guilherme Meneghelli / Mathilde Awa Eve.

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