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“Only the BJP defended the progress of the tribal community”: P Muralidhar Rao


Today, on World Tribal Day, BJP officials paid floral tributes to the statue of Komaram Bheem in Hyderabad, saying only the BJP defended the tribes. P Muralidhar Rao, former BJP general secretary, told ANI, “Once the BJP is in power in Telangana, the first thing will be done on the Scheduled Tribe (ST) reservations file.”

P Murlidhar berated Telangana CM

“The Chief Minister of Telangana, K. Chandrashekar Rao, deceived the tribes on the issue of ST reservations,” he said, adding that “Girijana Bandhu”, like the previous “Dalit Bandhu” effort, should be implemented. The BJP leader berated the CM for failing to keep his promise to resolve the Podu Island problem. He also said raising the tribes is a priority.

Rao seeks support from SC, ST and OBC

A few days ago, Rao said the party chose to contact the SC, ST and OBC communities that are still not affiliated with her. He said the BJP has the support of all communities. He further added that there are some sub-sections of these communities where they do not have support and that they have chosen to contact those sub-sections of the SC, ST and OBC communities which still support the parties of opposition.

Rao, who is also the party leader of Madhya Pradesh, noted that these sub-sections support Congress and that by gaining their trust and support, the BJP will remove the last stronghold of the opposition party and help the party to expand its electoral base among new groups. He said that by establishing gains among these sub-sections, the BJP would not only undermine Congress, but also help them win the strongholds of the rival party.

The party began to strategize to gain the confidence of new voters. BJP strategists believe that gaining the support of these groups will allow the party to penetrate the remaining strongholds of Congress. Madhya Pradesh’s next parliamentary elections are slated for late 2023 and the outreach strategy is part of the party’s preparations for the elections.

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